We Killed Frank - 5/29/2006
Pancreas down, gallbladder inc.
Barb of the Sand Reaver - Crimsondeath
Ancient Qiraji Ripper - Chob

WTF is this Shit? - 5/28/2006
AQ40 Day 1 - Skeram/Bug Family/Sartura all down.
Don't have a SS of Skeram cuz... well who hasn't seen a limp penis? =/
Fankriss inc!

Nefarian Down - 5/27/2006
Fu*kin fire headed queer went down. Screenshots to follow.
Robes of Transcendence - Mdiin
Robes of Transcendence - Shoosta
Neltharion's Tear - Desirez
Prestor's Talisman of Connivery - Grishnash
Head of Nefarian - Converge

Chromaggus Down - 4/23/2006
The bitch is dead.


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